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5 Must-See Outdoor Music Events at Tarara

Introduction to Tarara

Tarara is a popular destination for outdoor music events during the summer. Located in Virginia, this location offers a unique experience combining music with wine amidst beautiful vineyards. You can enjoy live performances from various artists while sipping on local wines and beers, and soaking in the picturesque surroundings. It's a perfect place to unwind and enjoy music in a natural setting.

Overview of Outdoor Music Events

Get ready to groove at Tarara this summer with the exciting lineup of outdoor music events. From live bands to acoustic performances, there's something for every music enthusiast. Tarara provides the perfect backdrop for these events, set amidst the picturesque vineyards and breathtaking lake views. Whether you're a fan of pop, rock, or country music, you'll find a music event to suit your taste. So grab your friends, pack a picnic, and immerse yourself in the sounds of summer at Tarara.

Featured Bands and Performers

Tarara hosts a variety of talented bands and performers throughout the summer season. These events offer a unique opportunity to enjoy live music in a picturesque outdoor setting. Keep an eye out for well-known bands and local musicians who will grace the stage (Concert Series Schedule), providing a diverse range of musical genres to suit all tastes. From rock bands to acoustic solo acts, there's something for everyone at Tarara's outdoor music events.

Ticket Information and Packages

General Admission tickets range from $15 to $30, while VIP packages can go up to $60 to $70. Some events may offer discounts, so it’s best to contact the Concert Series to inquire ( It's advisable to check the official Tarara website for specific event details and ticket purchasing options.

Food and Beverage Offerings

At Tarara, you can enjoy a variety of food and beverages while attending the outdoor music events. The winery offers a selection of Tarara wines, including reds and whites. And, Loudoun Brewing Company will offer a selection of IPAs, Ales, and Seltzers. New for this season, Buskey Cidery will offer a cider. Additionally, visitors can indulge in gourmet food trucks serving up delicious dishes ranging from tacos and burgers to ice cream and desserts. The diverse menu ensures there is something to satisfy every palate while enjoying the music in the beautiful outdoor setting.

Venue and Surroundings

Tarara is nestled in the heart of rolling vineyards in Loudoun County, Virginia. The outdoor music events take place on a spacious lawn and trees surrounded by the picturesque lake. The venue provides ample seating and a cozy atmosphere for guests to relax and savor the music and the breathtaking views.

Event Schedule and Dates

At Tarara this summer, you can enjoy a series of outdoor music events that will surely make your weekends memorable. Here is a sneak peek at the event schedule and dates:

  • The Reflex (80s): May 25th, 6:00pm

  • The Darby Brothers (Classic Rock): May 26th, 6:00pm

  • Def Leggend with Jagged Edge (Def Leppard): June 22nd, 6:00pm

  • Turnstiles (Billy Joel): July 13th, 6:00pm

  • Jimmy Kenny and the Pirate Beach Band (Tribute to Buffett, Chesney, and Zac Brown): August 17, 6:00pm

Make sure to mark your calendars and join us for these fantastic musical experiences under the open sky.

Tips for Enjoying the Events

Arrive early to secure a good spot for viewing the performances. Bring a blanket or folding chairs for seating comfort. Pack a picnic or snacks to enjoy during the events. Wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for outdoor activities.

Conclusion and Recommendations

We hope you enjoyed learning about these exciting outdoor music events at Tarara for this summer. Whether you're into rock, pop, country, or big band, there's something for everyone to enjoy under the open sky.

  • Make sure to check the event schedule on the Concert Series’ website and mark your calendars for your favorite performances.

  • Consider arriving early to secure a good spot and take advantage of the venue's amenities like food trucks.

  • Don't forget to bring along some chairs or blankets for a comfortable experience, and maybe a picnic to enjoy during the show.

  • Share your experience on social media (tag us at @tararaconcerts) to spread the word and support these fantastic local musicians.

  • Most importantly, relax and have a great time soaking in the music and the beautiful outdoors at Tarara.



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